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What are the advantages of using Compass Aircraft Group (CAG) as my acquisition agent?

Our core expertise is the general aviation market. Our in-depth market knowledge saves our clients time and money because buying an aircraft through us means as little disruption to their business as possible. We do the research, inspections, negotiations and take care of the finer details of the transaction. Of critical importance is the expertise we bring to pre-buy inspections—it gives considerable peace of mind and future savings to our clients.

Does CAG have the latest information on the aircraft available in the market?

Our earnest commitment to provide nothing less than the best for our clients is the motivation behind our keen awareness of the latest happenings in aircraft technology, market values, aircraft company information and other relevant data that effect the buying and selling decisions of our clients. To stay on top of aviation data affecting the market, our organization is actively involved with a number of aircraft-specific associations, including NBAA and AOPA.

In what ways can CAG help me save money?

Our clients save money because we understand airplane values and we conduct thorough aircraft inspections. We closely monitor all maintenance needs. Because we know that missed maintenance items during pre-buy inspections can cost customers thousands of dollars later. We save our customers that headache and other future expenses. We will give you the best value for your money when it comes to maintenance and refurbishment of your aircraft. We are expert negotiators and act as your representative in seeking to negotiate the best deal for you up front, whether you are buying or selling.

Are older aircraft safe?

The safety and value of an aircraft rides primarily on the kind of maintenance and care it has had over its life. Our extensive background in plane inspections and valuation helps the client assess the balance between budget and age.

Can CAG help me find pilots and mechanics?

Yes, we assist you even after the deal is closed. We have a wide range of contacts throughout the US and South America and can help you find the best and most experienced maintenance technicians and pilots.

Will CAG help with the refurbishing of my aircraft?

Yes, we will expertly coordinate any refurbishment work you may need for your aircraft. Our years of experience in this area will ensure you are provided high quality options for the type of refurbishment you desire for your aircraft.

Are aircraft records and logs all that important?

Records and logs are very important and can add or take away from the value of your plane. We conduct a thorough inspection of all logs, maintenance records and other documents to ensure your aircraft records are in order. We recommend extreme care be taken in keeping logbooks so that your aircraft’s resale value will be at its best.

Will I know all my expenses in a purchase or sales transaction?

CAG will seek to minimize any surprise expenses along the way and will inform you of the costs associated with your purchase or sale. We will provide you an itemized list of all expenses related to the acquisition or sale of your aircraft.

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